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Fiscalidad responsable
  • Transparent management

    We are committed to managing our tax affairs by applying good practices and acting transparently. We pay our taxes responsibly and efficiently, and we foster cooperation with governments in order to avoid serious risks and unnecessary conflicts.
Estrategia fiscal

Our tax strategy

Learn about our tax policy and strategy
Una gestión eficiente

Efficient management

We manage tax costs and benefits efficiently in order to comply with our tax obligations while also creating value for our shareholders.


We commit to making public transparency one of the pillars for guiding our approach to our tax function.
Relaciones Cooperativas y Entorno

Cooperative Relations and Environment

We collaborate with administrations in detecting fraudulent tax practices, we facilitate access to information, and we prioritize non-litigious means of resolving conflicts.
Gestión de riesgos fiscales

Tax risk management

We use responsible tax policies to help prevent behavior that could cause serious tax risks.

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