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Business relationships Our relationship with our partners

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Building responsible relationships with our partners

We're aware of the change we can make together with our partners in the countries where we work. Side by side, we work to implement the environmental, social, safety, and health guidelines we support. To do so, we use our management system and regulatory body:
Management system
  1. Partner assessment. Before deciding to acquire an asset, we assess existing and potential risks that could arise during business operations, and we carry out a due diligence process.
  2. Resolutions. We generally use ajoint operating agreement (JOA) model that define the responsibilities and limits each partner has in the operation and management of an asset.
  3. Human rights clause. We have a specific norm that expressly indicates that the operator must respect internationally recognized human rights. This means: human rights must not be infringed upon, and if they are, there will be consequences.
  4. Audits. We conduct periodic controls to ensure the three previous points have been met.