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Protecting our employees and looking after our facilities in high risk areas

We are present in over 40 countries and operate in sensitive areas, so we need corporate security to be part of the company's many activities.

The strategic importance of the energy sector's infrastructures means that they are exposed to inherent risks of terrorism and armed conflict. They should therefore be protected with the help of private security companies and state security forces and bodies.

In 2014 we formally joined the international Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights Initiative (VPI), which aims to ensure the security of our operations in high risk areas and conflict zones through work procedures that respect human rights.

Four ways to respect human rights

  • Risk management
    Risk management
    We have a procedure in place to identify the threats we face as we carry out our activities.
  • Selection criteria
    Selection criteria
    We include minimum guidelines for social and ethical behavior in the selection criteria for security providers.
  • Specific clauses
    Specific clauses
    We require all our policies to be followed in contracts with security forces.
  • Training
    We ask that all of our employees and the employees of our private security companies undergo training on human rights.
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    Committed to protecting the company's people, interests, and property.

    The Protection of Tangible and Intangible Assets Policy outlines our commitment to protecting the company's people, interests, and property. We also establish principles to guide corporate security, respecting human rights and regulating the use of weapons in surveillance and human protection.
  • Repsol Campus security measures

    Specific safety measures and criteria for selecting suppliers

    Managing corporate security strengthens the trust of our employees and the people living in the areas where we operate. We ensure we're able to respond when confronted with unpredictable situations, an essential part of managing security risks. To do so, we tailor the measures we adopt to the situation in the places where we operate and develop procedures that protect the safety and security of people and facilities.