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Ethics and transparency Responsible public policy

We put forth our political neutrality and do not finance, directly or indirectly, political parties or their representatives or candidates. We approach relations with the authorities, regulatory bodies and public administrations following the principles of cooperation and transparency.

We take part in discussions about public policy development because we believe that we can contribute information and experience on issues that are of fundamental importance for the development of legitimate and necessary legislation.

We take an interest in those issues that are relevant to the Company, given the strategic importance they hold for our organization. We agree that any lobbying must be carried out in a transparent manner, especially with regard to those who may be concerned about the integrity of such practices or the possible impact it could have on other stakeholders: 

European Union Transparency Register: Every year we provide information about the associations and networks to which we belong. We also provide financial information which includes an estimate of the costs associated with direct lobbying activities to European Institutions and interest representation activities. 

United States Lobby Register: At the federal level, every three months we provide detailed information on the company's lobbying activity in the United States, and every six months we declare that we have made no donations to US government employees. At the state level, the company lobbies in Texas and Pennsylvania, and therefore files the periodic lobbying activity reports required by the authorities in each state.

See detailed information regarding this matter in our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct.