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Employees Health and well-being

Salud y bienestar

Health and well-being

We strive to ensure the well-being of every employee and anyone involved in our activity, throughout the value chain. 
We offer our employees the best conditions for looking after their health, and we promote measures that demonstrate this commitment in all our relationships with the people who form part of our activities. 
  • We systematically identify hazards and assess health risks arising from our activities.
  • We create prevention plans and programs that safeguard the health of our employees.
  • We comply with the current laws in each country, and we develop and apply corporate standards that lay down and guarantee minimum health conditions. We also teach our employees about good work practices.
  • We regularly monitor the health of our employees depending on the risks we have identified throughout their working life, using specific resources in each case.
  • We establish fast response plans and measures to minimize damages in the event of a medical emergency, including MEDEVAC (medical evacuation).
  • Our medical services are equipped with the means and the information they require.
  • We provide our employees and stakeholders with information on how to look after their health and we promote well-being programs.
  • We inform our employees about potential health risks and provide specific training when necessary.
  • We evaluate and audit health programs to check whether our standards are being met. 
  • We have an annual occupational hazard prevention plan which includes first-aid training in almost all of the countries where we operate.