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Employees Equal opportunities

Equal opportunities

At Repsol, we believe that generational diversity and a variety profiles, cultures, genders, and disabilities contribute to the generation of different and innovative ideas and perspectives.
We promote equal opportunities within our Company, from our selection processes to our promotion and professional development models. 
We strive to guarantee equal opportunities in all people management related aspects, and understand diversity as an added value and contribution to innovation that allows us to benefit from mutual learning and differentiate ourselves thanks to the fact that our team is made up of people of different origins, age, gender, capabilities, etc.
We take equal opportunities into account both when managing our teams and at the beginning of recruitment and selection processes. We favor the development of our culture as a global company, open to diversity and multiculturalism and, in each case, we implement the most appropriate recruitment and market approach techniques according to the professional profiles we require at any given time. Additionally, we work together with academic authorities to ensure the educational system can respond to our present and future needs.