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Communities and local development Social investment

Inversión social

Social investment

Social investment is one of the tools that help up to ensure we have a positive impact on the communities we are involved with, and to maximize it.
The approach we are adopting in our management of social opportunities indicates that social investment is not our only tool for generating and maximizing positive impact. However, it has always been one of the most widely used types of social opportunity in the Company.

Social investment helps us meet two of our most important commitments with regard to communities: to maximize positive impact and meet the expectations identified by the community. Our focus is clear and based on obtaining long-term benefits, taking into account opportunities for sustainable socio-economic development and for sharing values with the communities. 

We channel our social investment projects through the Company's businesses and corporate areas, the volunteer work of Repsol employees, and the Repsol foundations in Spain and Ecuador.

We support development programs that meet local expectations and needs and are relevant for our business units. We use the information that we obtain from our relationship with local communities and the impact studies that shape our work with local partners to obtain positive and long-lasting impacts.

The main areas where we voluntarily focus our social investment are: 

  • Education and training: education programs primarily aimed at elementary and secondary school children, as well as young students on university and postgraduate programs. 
  • Community development: projects that benefit the largest possible number of people and can be sustained over time, and training programs to increase local participation in the employment we generate. 
  • Health: projects and programs that contribute to improving health conditions and quality of life in several of the areas in which the company operates. 
  • Social integration: projects aimed at groups at risk of exclusion and disadvantaged groups, as well as programs to improve the well-being of individuals and social groups. 
  • Environment: projects to raise awareness of caring for and protecting the environment and biodiversity. 
  • Art and culture: projects related to disseminating culture. We collaborate with museums, exhibits, and town councils across a large variety of disciplines, making a special effort to promote local culture and artistic heritage. 

Also, Fundación Repsol carries out projects of its own or in collaboration with renowned entities in areas where, thanks to the knowledge, skills, and experience of the entities and of Fundación Repsol itself, we can make a greater contribution. 

All of these contributions allow us to help achieve global goals on an international level, such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) put into place by the United Nations.

Its initiatives and projects are focused on Social Energy and its objective is to contribute to the wellbeing of society, improve people's quality of life, and achieve greater social, educational, environmental, and cultural development, acting especially in areas where the company operates. In addition we cooperate with a variety of different entities to develop programs that have a positive impact on the environment and meet the specific needs of the communities.

In 2015, Fundación Repsol carried out more than 150 initiatives and collaborated with more than 200 entities. 

All of these contributions allow us to help achieve global goals at the international level, such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) put into place by United Nations.

Social investment figures

In 2015, Repsol group's social investment, including its two foundations, was €32.74 million, of which €22.74 million were voluntary contributions and €10 million were due to a legal or contractual obligation.

Voluntary social investment

Includes the social programs we implement voluntarily or which arise from voluntary agreements with communities.

Voluntary social investment (millions of €)
2013 2014 2015
24.58 26.03 22.74

We classify each voluntary social investment project into one of the following categories:

  • Strategic social investment: includes social programs related to the communities that are in the same geographical area as our operations. In 2015, this investment increased to €12.09 million.
  • Institutional social investment: the rest of voluntary social investment. The total amount of this investment was €9.01 million in 2015.
Voluntary social investment by type of project (millions of €)
Type of project Distribution of investment
Education and training 14%
Community development 40%
Social integration 16%
Health 7%
Environment 2%
Art and culture 17%
Humanitarian aid 1%
Other 3%
By country, voluntary social investment was distributed as follows: 
Voluntary social investment by country (millions of €)
Country 2013 2014 2015
Angola 0.75 0.76 --
Bolivia 1.81 1.78 1.85
Brazil 0.80 1.28 0.50
Canada 0.27 0.26 1.18
Colombia 0.19 0.05 0.48
Ecuador 0.77 0.97 1.31
Spain 13.76 15.06 12.08
United States 0.16 0.34 0.36
Guyana 0.00 0.03 0.11
Libya 0.37 0.65 0.32
Malaysia -- -- 0.17
Peru 4.23 3.27 2.75
Portugal 0.38 0.17 0.53
Trinidad and Tobago 0.43 0.41 0.63
Venezuela 0.37 0.37 0.22
Vietnam -- -- 0.09
Rest of world (Algeria, Morocco and Norway) 0.29 0.66 0.16
TOTAL 24.58 26.03 22.74