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  • Local communities

    Wherever we operate we go to great efforts to establish solid, lasting relationships with the local community.
  • Indigenous peoples

    We make sure the rights of indigenous peoples are respected, and we seek opportunities to improve their quality of life.
  • Contributing to the development of communities

    We believe our activities must contribute to the socio-economic development of the communities we work with.
  • Social investment

    We work on social programs to assist the most vulnerable groups and fight poverty and exclusion.

Fundación Repsol

Fundación Repsol channels part of our Company's social and cultural action and seeks to contribute to social well-being, improve people's quality of life, and achieve greater social, educational, environmental, and cultural development.

Everyone's a winner

Socio-environmental monitoring allows us to involve the communities we interact with in the areas of influence of our projects in order to minimize possible impacts.

How we contribute to sustainable development

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    22.7 million
    euros in voluntary social investment
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    of our agreements involve the community in the development plan
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    Over 150
    Fundación Repsol initiatives