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Communities and local development Fundación Repsol

Fundación Repsol

Fundación Repsol

Fundación Repsol is the social energy that channels and strengthens Repsol's committment and social involvement.

At Fundación Repsol, we work to contribute to the improvement and sustainable progress of society, creating value through social energy – the energy of people. This is the concept that connects all of our actions and is the driver for a better, more sustainable society. 

Through our initiatives, we aim to promote the greater, overall development of society including in cultural and environmental terms, especially in the areas where the company operates.

In addition to Spain and Portugal, we operate in Latin America and Africa. Our main projects are focused on integrating people with disabilities and vulnerable groups, the popularization of science-and energy-related topics, supporting talent and entrepreneurship, and supporting culture. Additionally, we manage the company's volunteer program.

In 2015, our foundation's projects directly benefited over 800,000 people.

Supporting talent

With our Foundation, we promote progress in our society and contribute to building a better future for all. We support talent by promoting entrepreneurship and innovation. With programs like our Entrepreneurs Fund, we drive the best technological solutions in the field of energy and energy efficiency: after five years of this not-for-profit business incubator we have already incubated 37 start-ups.

In the field of education, we have an extensive training grant program that provides aid to Vocational Training students, with the aim of promoting this educational option among young people to improve their employability. In addition, we provide grants to students who may have difficulties completing university studies for several different reasons, allowing them to begin or continue their university education.

We also have agreements with several universities to complement the students' training in areas related to energy through endowed chairs and specific courses. 

Popularization of energy-related topics

As part of our commitment to a more sustainable energy model, we contribute to the development and popularization of energy-related knowledge, particularly among young people. Through the LearnEnergy program, we carry out initiatives such as the Energy with Consciousnes and Mobile Energy Classroom workshops aimed at bringing young people closer to energy-related concepts in an educational way to raise awareness about the importance of using energy resources responsibly.

Diversity and integration

At Fundación Repsol, we strive to create a more inclusive society, favoring diversity and the integration of vulnerable people or people with disabilities. We carry out cultural, sports, training, and awareness raising projects that aim to fully integrate people with disabilities within a framework of equal opportunities. 

We also help other vulnerable groups, such as young people at risk of marginalization or women who are victims of gender violence, through training programs that improve their employability.

Social development

In the countries where we are present, we maintain our commitment to people and develop initiatives to promote sustainable development, while addressing the specific needs of each group. These include our World Food Program in Perú and Bolivia and our initiatives aimed at supporting children in Colombia and Ecuador.

The foundation also contributes to spreading culture as a social asset by bringing citizens closer to it through various initiatives in collaboration with leading organizations.

Support for culture

We promote art and culture for the good of society and contribute to various types of initiatives that make these disciplines accessible to citizens. Furthermore, we have collaboration agreements with renowned institutions in the fields of culture and science.


Our Volunteering Plan was created in 2011 and includes four different programs managed by Fundación Repsol that are focused on specific fields of action and groups: 

  • Energy efficiency
  • Training and development
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Social awareness and environment

Our more than 2,500 volunteers participate in different ways in very diverse activities, such as environmental actions, supporting people with disabilities, or volunteering in classrooms.

Our main objective is to channel our employee's social concerns, but our volunteering program is also open to other groups, such as retirees, family members, shareholders, collaborators, and any other person interested in performing volunteer work who shares our values. Learn about our program on

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