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Communities and local development We contribute to development

We contribute to the socio-economic development of communities

We believe that our activities must contribute to the socio-economic development of the communities where we are present.

We are aware that Repsol's projects and assets could positively impact local communities and contribute to socio-economic development in the areas where we operate through the creation of social opportunities. 

Therefore, our commitment to the sustainable development of communities is based on identifying opportunities to maximize positive impact and promote shared value through contributions to local economic development, social progress, and environmental preservation in the areas of influence of our projects and assets.

Our contribution to social and economic development in these environments takes several different forms: paying taxes and royalties on our activity, encouraging equal opportunities, contracting locally based suppliers and contractors, investing in basic infrastructure that enables access to electricity and water, building healthcare centers, and carrying out social projects to benefit local communities, such as introducing training and integration programs. 

In order to implement this approach, we carry out a process that begins by assessing the social opportunities of each project. Here, we identify and try to maximize the positive impacts of the project in the community, including the opportunities for sustainable socio-economic development. 

The projects’ social opportunities management strategy is developed based on the information obtained during this assessment of social opportunities. We then implement this strategy after an exhaustive consultation process with the communities and stakeholders involved, evaluating it in accordance with the community’s objectives and those of the Company. It should be kept in mind that we must complement the efforts of the community, government, and civil society and not replace them.