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We cut CO2 emissions by 4 million tons. How much is that in real terms?
  • Our position on climate change

    Repsol shares society's concerns regarding the effect human activity is having on the climate. We recognize that the current trend of greenhouse gas emissions is higher than that required to limit the increase in the global average temperature to no more than 2ºC above pre-industrial levels.
Energy context

Energy context: the climate change challenge

Population growth and globalization lead to an increasing demand for energy. Therefore, the need for a new sustainable energy model based on innovation and technology is essential.
Mapa de energía

Our energy and carbon map

Our greenhouse gas inventories comply with the most demanding quality and precision standards, making it possible to ensure operational excellence in terms of energy.
Estrategia de carbono

Carbon strategy: Striving for a low-emission future

Our goal to fight climate change is in our current 2014-2020 emissions reduction plan, in which we set a challenge to cut CO2 equivalent by 1.9 million tons. 

Initiatives against climate change

Along with other major companies, governments, and institutions, we voluntarily joined a number of initiatives that promote reducing emissions to actively take part in them.

repHEN, a system for improving refinery efficiency

Our commitment to the environment is reflected once again in this project. We reduce our energy consumption thanks to repHEN, a system for measuring the level of fouling of the heat exchangers and prioritizing improvement actions.

Our committment to climate change

  • Reducción de CO2

    4.3 Mt

    of CO2 reduced between 2006 and 2016

  • Inversión en acciones
    €357 M
    invested in initiatives aimed at reducing emissions, pledging a total of €500 M
  • Multicentro certificado
    facilities including a multisite business boast the ISO 50001 certification