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Take a look at our exclusive advantages

Being part of the Repsol Shareholders Community has its rewards. Discover all the advantages tailored to you.

Experience the passion of motorsports
Visit us
Cultural experiences
Find out all discounts available


Direct contact with shareholders is key for direct and fluid communication. That is why our roadshows go to your city to show you the Company’s latest results, and to answer all your questions.
Tourism and gastronomy

Training for our shareholders

Repsol en Acción places different training courses at your disposal so you can stay up to date on all the key issues for our shareholders. Discover a world of possibilities!
Experience the passion of motorsports

Experience the passion of motorsports

We offer you tickets and VIP passes to MotoGP races and other competitions involving the Repsol Honda Team.
Visit us

Visit us

We want to show you what we are like from within. Don't miss this chance to visit our facilities.
Cultural experiences

Cultural experiences

Discover Spain’s best national museums and attend training and cultural events just for being a member of our community.
Sign up to Repsol en Acción

Repsol en Acción Community

Find out about all the exclusive advantages for belonging to our Shareholders Community.

One card, lots of advantages

As a member of our community, you can get the Repsol Más card for shareholders, which rewards your loyalty.
  • ONE en Acción
    ONE en Acción

    Less than 1000 shares

    Exclusive discounts at our service stations, guided tours of the Company’s most representative facilities, and customized advantages for individual shareholders. The entire Community with your ONE card.
  • PLUS en Acción
    PLUS en Acción

    Between 1000 and 3000 shares

    With the PLUS card you can get a wide range of benefits designed exclusively for you. You will also have a free monthly subscription to the “Accionista” magazine for shareholders, with all the latest from the Community.
  • PREMIUM en Acción
    PREMIUM en Acción

    More than 3,000 shares

    We want to talk to you. You will have direct and personal dealings with us as a PREMIUM shareholder through our exclusive personalized phone line. Sign up now and get the card that can give you a wide range of advantages.
Solidarity in Action

Solidarity in Action

We want to show you how must we care for people and the environment. Show you care too by providing ideas, taking part in social actions, or simply by joining us on our solidarity trips.
  • Inside Repsol

    We tell you everything you need to know about the Company. Useful information such as share price, solidarity actions, and upcoming roadshows.
About our shares

Repsol on the stock exchange

We provide you with thorough, transparent, streamlined information about the current situation regarding Repsol shares. All stock information so that you are kept informed about the price of the share.
Quarterly results

Quarterly results

Keep up-to-date with the company's financial news with the regular publication of our quarterly results and all of the associated documentation. A quick and easy way of understanding Repsol's financial soundness and its medium to long term growth prospects.
Advisory Committee

Advisory Committee

You are a key part of us, and we want you to be involved in the Group. That is why we have created an Advisory Committee made up of 12 shareholders that convene four times a year. A highly valuable tool that helps us to improve thanks to your suggestions.
Accionista magazine

Accionista magazine

The magazine for Repsol’s Shareholders Community is a communication channel where we will tell you all about the Company’s latest news, and highlight the advantages you can receive by being a member of the Community.

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