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Product range

Leading lubricants in Europe

More than 400 high-level scientists and researchers design and produce our lubricants at the Repsol Technology Center, which is located in Spain and at the forefront of European technology.
  • Passenger cars
    Use our products to extend your car's useful life
  • Motorcycles
    Top performance from the pit box to your bike
  • Leisure boats
    From cove to cove and from sunrise to sunset
  • Trucks and buses
    The ultimate guarantee for freight and passengers
  • Industry
    Operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Agriculture
    Every expert has his field. Repsol's is lubricants
  • Marine
    Life at sea is not for everyone
  • Public works
    The satisfaction of being able to guarantee all your projects


You are sure to find the best grease for your machine in Repsol's product range. Our range of greases is aimed at meeting the needs of both heavy motor vehicles, agricultural machines, and industrial equipment. 

Repsol applies the highest quality standards, guaranteeing optimal lubrication in all types of vehicles and machinery. You will find the best grease for your machine among the different product ranges and consistencies.

Find the lubricant that best fits your needs

Whatever your vehicle is like, we have the right lubricant for it.
  • Enter the Repsol client area to see all the benefits tailored to you

    All the information you need about your invoices, orders, profile, etc.

Commercial network

Find Repsol lubricants at a distributor or point of sale near you.

Lubricants FAQs

Find answers to your most pressing questions.
  • Download our catalogs

    The easiest way to consult our ranges of lubricants is to always have the catalogs on hand. That is why we have made our catalog available in PDF format for you to download.

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