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Innovation and quality

Innovación y calidad

Today’s challenge: to build a sustainable future, with better products and differentiated services

Repsol Chemicals takes on the challenges faced by our customers and wider society today and in the future with a strong commitment to safety and the environment. In addition, the innovation and technology on which our processes are based enable us to obtain differentiated products and services. 

We maintain a strong commitment to our customers and technological innovation, as they drive the creation of a new energy model.

We shape the future of chemistry

Damos forma al futuro de la química

At the Repsol Technology Centre in Madrid, we work towards the future.

  • We have more than 400 scientists and researchers
  • A surface area of nearly 14 acres (55,000m2)
  • It is recognized as one of the most important in Europe

The team that makes up the Technology Area researches with its sights on the future. Additionally, the Technical Service and Development team works on a daily basis with our customers, developing new products and improving the processability, sustainability and suitability of existing products to our customers’ requirements.

We are working to enhance the benefits

  • Increased process efficacy
  • Reduce any waste
  • Improving the labour conditions of materials by reducing the temperature and pressure used in the processes
  • Improved exploitation of energy resources
Centro de Tecnología de Repsol
  • Petrochemicals Feedstocks: Technologies for monomers production through conventional processes (steam cracker) or alternative processes (CtO-carbon to olefins; ethylene from ethanol) and CO2 conversion
  • Catalysis (polymerisation and synthesis) and Processes. Catalysts for Repsol Proprietary Technologies: Intermediates production (PO/SM) and new polyols developments
  • Polymer transformation Processes. Technologies for modifying the Properties of Polymers in order to achieve the requirements of High Added-value Application
  • Everyday objects

New technology to produce polycarbonate polyols

Nuevos productos para nuevas necesidades
Repsol is developing an innovative and pioneering proprietary technology for manufacturing a new type of polyol, the polycarbonate polyol, which would partially replace its raw material, propylene oxide, with CO2, thus reducing the emission of pollutants into the atmosphere and, consequently, the environmental impact.
New high performance range
Repsol has recently introduced a new range of metallocene linear low density polyethylene, under the Repsol Resistex® brand. It is a product intended for food packaging film, industrial and agricultural film with properties like transparency, seal strength, high tear resistance and resistance to puncture and impact with downgauging, making this product more sustainable.
Repsol was bestowed in 2016 double winner at the Best Polymer Producers Awards, for high density polyethylene (HDPE) and the overarching award on INNOVATION covering all polymer types. This recognition is the result of a customer satisfaction survey completed by polymer customers across Europe, in which polymer producers’ performance was measured in terms of: quality, regulatory compliance, efficient delivery, communication and innovation.

Quality in Repsol is a strategic value

All petrochemical plants and part-owned subsidiaries of Repsol’s Chemicals Division meet the current ISO 9001: 2008 standards governing the quality of processes from production to distribution, transportation management and storage of the final product.
Quality in Repsol is a strategic value; Management Excellence, through continuous improvement, is one of the fundamental lines framing the various actions and commitments Repsol undertakes with its customers, shareholders, employees, suppliers and partners, as well as with society. As evidence of this global commitment, all petrochemical complexes and plants of part-owned companies operated by Repsol’s Chemicals Division are certified according to the UNE EN ISO 9001: 2008 international quality standard, also assuming the following commitments:
  • To move progressively towards excellence following the EFQM model, through periodic self-assessment according to the Repsol methodology of excellence, based on EFQM and recognised by this entity as a good management practice, identifying areas for improvement and establishing programmes supported by teamwork and the participation of the entire organisation.
  • To perceive Total Quality as the proper management of all the company’s resources in order to obtain optimum results over time.
  • To make it a main objective to manufacture competitive products that meet the needs and expectations of customers as well as all legal requirements.
  • To establish and guide its organisation and methods of operation towards effective Process Management.
To Repsol, quality is much more than obtaining certificates and complying with legal requirements. It is a philosophy of day-to-day work, involving all elements of the organisation and guiding them to achieve the same objective: full customer satisfaction.
La calidad en Repsol es un valor estratégico

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