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Superficie agua
  • Energy efficiency is the driving force behind our roadmap to a more sustainable future

  • What are we doing for the future?

More than 700 working charging stations around Spain

Exploring new energy solutions

We believe in a scenario in which energy is produced at a financial and environmental cost that society can afford, so we are leading the way in developing solutions and pioneering energy breakthroughs for mobility.

Developing more efficient products

Our products are there with you in your everyday life, and sometimes you don't even know it. From your sports gear to your smartphone, we are always by your side and working hard to offer you the highest quality, environmentally-friendly products.

Different perspectives

Manos sostienendo globo terráqueo sobre fondo verde

Why do SDGs directly affect our future?

In 2018, the Sustainable Development Goals will be integrated into all spheres of society.
Female scientists

María Dolores Campillos: “We must recognize women for their true worth”

Meet María Dolores Campillos, the Lubricants and Specialized Products and Logistics Manager at the Puertollano refinery.
Close up de Verónica Castillo

Discovering the secrets of the subsurface

From the outset, Verónica Castillo transmits an absolute passion for her profession and for one specialty in particular: geology.
Emprendedores comparten sus experiencias

Entrepreneurs Fund: sharing for innovation

The entrepreneurs who take part in this initiative receive funding, technical assistance, and guidance.