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Zurich, Oslo, and Frankfurt ESG Roadshow

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The integration of our businesses enables us to offer you the best energy solutions

Una compañía equilibrada

A balanced company





Energías emergentes

Emerging energies

  • What are we doing for the future?

    We drive new initiatives in emerging fields that could create business opportunities and enable us to develop our strategy beyond that of traditional businesses.
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Innovating to generate more sustainable energy and use it more efficiently

At our Technology Center we work as a team with the best universities and research centers from all over the world to improve our processes.
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Our challenge is to meet energy needs in a sustainable way

We want a future where we can shower with hot water, travel, communicate freely... But we also want future generations to live on a cleaner planet.
  • Our products and services, with you in your everyday life

Repsol Elite Lubricants

Repsol Elite Lubricants

Formulated with the most cutting-edge technology for the most demanding engines, our Elite lubricants offer the best in protection and efficiency and are endorsed by top manufacturers.
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Chemicals and you

Chemicals are present in so many everyday objects that make your life better. They contribute to your safety, comfort, and wellbeing, and they also help you to be more energy-efficient by consuming less resources. Join us and discover how Chemicals influence your life and make it easier.

Different perspectives

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Do you know how long it takes to fill up a boat’s fuel tank?

Find out how we refuel the boats that arrive at Repsol stations from all over the world.
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Did you know a tire can be turned into an office chair?

Every product can be given a second useful like after its first use.
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How we accomplished lifting a platform the size of the Big Ben

Removing this platform represented a major milestone in reservoir engineering.


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Graphene, the material of the millennium

How can the discovery of this material change the future our lives?

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