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Technology changing the worlds
  • Repsol Technology Center

¿Qué hacemos en el Centro de tecnología Repsol?

What do we do at the Technology Center?

There are 200 researchers from around the world with a variety of specializations working at the Repsol Technology Center with a mission for the future: to find new ways to produce energy more sustainably and transform it more efficiently. We work in collaboration with the best partners, universities, and research centers throughout the world.

Innovation in figures

  • 300 scientists
    €78 millon
    In 2016, we invested 78 million euros in R&D.
  • 50+ labs
    50+ labs
    Over 50 specialized laboratories, among which the RTC stands out at the forefront of innovation in Europe.
  • 13 patents
    13 patents
    We filed 13 patent applications in 2016.
  • más de 40 artículos
    22 papers
    We published 22 prestigious scientific papers in the energy sector.
  • ¿Qué proyectos realizamos?

    What projects do we work on?

    We have created asphalts that absorb CO2, plastics that keep food from spoiling for three years, and computer chips that help us photograph the subsoil without drilling.
  • ¿Cómo empezamos?

    How did we start off?

    The current Repsol Technology Center was built in 2002 in Móstoles, but everything began in 1944 on Calle Embajadores in Madrid…
  • A glimpse behind the scenes

    Our Repsol Technology Center houses laboratories focusing on research lines involving biology, geology, engines, asphalts, fuels, among others. It also features two small-scale models of our refineries as laboratories.

The latest

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Our science

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