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What we offer Training and learning

Repsol's learning solutions combine classroom and virtual methodologies to meet both global and local training needs, which favors the exchange of experience and knowledge with one objective: the transfer of learning to the job position. 
Repsol's Corporate Learning Center, located in Móstoles near Madrid, is a space for learning, innovation, and excellence that supports the development of our employees and strategic partners worldwide throughout their entire professional life cycle. This helps us meet our commitment to create a better future according to our cultural identity and values.
Training programs are led and managed from the Corporate Learning Center to maximize the development of our people's individual potential capabilities as a catalyst and accelerator of excellence in performance and innovation.
As part of our team, you will receive the training that best adapts to your needs in which more than 600 specialists will take part by sharing their professional experience as in-house instructors.

Master's programs for new professionals

At Repsol, we offer our own new-hire training programs, which are taught at the Corporate Learning Center and are aimed at favoring the effective integration of new professionals who are recent university graduates. By ensuring you acquire the necessary technical, functional, and corporate knowledge, we will nurture your talent so you can achieve excellent professional development. 
  • New-hire training program in Exploration and Production: Designed to educate and train professionals who want to develop their careers in activities related to exploration and production (geosciences, petroleum engineering, and reservoirs). 7-month course taught in English.
  • New-hire training program in the Industrial Field: Designed to educate and train well-rounded engineers to work in industrial complexes (production, processes, engineering, maintenance, etc.) through the acquisition and development of knowledge and technical skills specific to these areas. 10-month course taught in Spanish.
  • New-hire training program in Energy Management: Designed to help professionals understand the energy environment and its key variables; provides an overview of our businesses, culture and value chain; ensures professionals have the economic and business training they need for their future careers; develops professional and people management skills. 10-month course taught in Spanish.

Intergenerational talent, a hope for the future

Generational diversity poses multiple challenges to organizations. How can we promote talent and commitment?

We're proud of our team!

We are a diverse and committed team. Our objective is to find the best energy solutions for society and the planet. Learn about us!

Promoting female leadership

Equal opportunities and gender diversity are realities that are becoming increasingly consolidated in our society, but there is still a long way to go.

Human leadership: "We are not what we say, but rather what we do"

The values we transmit through our teamwork and way of doing things speak for themselves.