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What we do Emerging energies

Emerging energies

Emerging energies

Our commitment to technological innovation enables us to meet the current and future energy demand in a sustainable, efficient, and safe way.

At Repsol we know how important innovation is for the advancement of other energy sources that are more efficient, safe, and sustainable. That is why we invest in projects with high development potential that can accelerate evolution towards an energy model with lower emissions. 

To this end, we have the Emerging Businesses unit, which drives and manages initiatives aimed at generating business opportunities and expanding the Company’s strategy beyond its traditional businesses. 

These are Repsol's main investee companies: 

  • Principle Power Inc: the first company in the world capable of designing, installing, and operating the first semi-submersible floating structure to generate offshore wind energy.  
  • Rocsole:  develops electromagnetic tomography for analyzing the status of pipelines through which fluids flow. This innovation makes it possible to optimize maintenance processes, thereby reducing operating costs.  
  • Graphenea: one of the leading European graphene producers and world leader in the manufacture of this material of the future. It is associated with Graphene Flagship, the largest research program launched by the European Union. 
  • IBIL (formed by Repsol and EVE - Ente Vasco de la Energía): is our commitment to electric mobility. We have become the first charging company for electric vehicles and are leaders in fast recharge in Spain, with over 700 operative charging points.  
  • Scutum Logistic S.L.: we have specialized in designing, producing, and marketing both electric platforms and battery extraction systems for electric motorcycles. Scutum has signed agreements with large corporate clients such as Correos.

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