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Repsol net income increases by 41%

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11/17/17 19:05

We offer you the best energy solutions

We seek energy to meet people's needs and ensure their well-being.
Una compañía equilibrada

An integrated company





Energías emergentes

Emerging energies

20 años generando valor en Brasil

20 years creating value in Brazil

In the year 1997, we began operating in Brazil by importing, marketing, and directly distributing base oils and petrochemical products. Over the span of two decades, we have taken part in the entire oil and gas value chain in this country by focusing our activity on exploration and production.
  • Our products and services, with you in your everyday life

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Repsol Elite Lubricants

Formulated with the most cutting-edge technology for the most demanding engines. Endorsed by top manufacturers, these lubricants bring you unbeatable performance when it comes to protection and efficiency.
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Chemicals and you

Chemicals are present in many of the everyday objects that surround you and improve your life – providing safety, comfort, well-being, and also helping you to be more energy efficient.

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Do you know how to say Repsol in Mandarin?

Discover this and much more about how we've adapted to the Chinese market.
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How much do you know about biofuels?

Biofuels are making ground as one of the alternative fuels for coming decades.
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See how we moved a platform the size of the Big Ben

Removing this platform represented a major milestone in reservoir engineering.

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Graphene, the material of the millennium

How can the discovery of this material change the future our lives?

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