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Trading Statement Q4 2017

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01/18/18 12:19

Innovating is feeling inspired, becoming an entrepreneur, and sharing

At Repsol, we seek and develop business ideas and proposals among universities, companies, and researchers worldwide. We support new projects by providing funding and technological advice, and partner with the best to continue along the path of technological innovation.
  • Our products and services, with you in your everyday life

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Repsol Elite Lubricants

Formulated with the most cutting-edge technology for the most demanding engines. Endorsed by top manufacturers, these lubricants bring you unbeatable performance when it comes to protection and efficiency.
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Chemicals in your day-to-day life

Chemicals are present in a range of everyday objects that are part of your life and make it better. They improve your safety, comfort, wellbeing, and also help you to use energy resources more efficiently.

Different perspectives

Impresión 3D

Did you know that a printer can be used to produce human organs?

Additive manufacturing: a revolution in 3D metal printing

Mentoring homeless children in Houston

He was told he should mentor a 19-year-old kid who had been kicked out of his house when he was 14 and was living on the street.
¿Tienes frío o calor? Pregúntaselo a tu cerebro

Are you hot or cold? Ask your brain

Have you ever wondered why everybody feels temperature in a different way?

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Why do SDGs directly affect our future?

In 2018, the Sustainable Development Goals will be integrated into all spheres of society.

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