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Inventing the future for 50 years at La Pampilla

The La Pampilla refinery opened in Peru in 1967. Today, it stands as the country's leading refinery as it accounts for 54% of its distillation capacity, and it's recognized for its process efficiency and the safety of its facilities.

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Carburantes para aviación

Exclusive aviation fuels

Our aviation products are designed to always achieve the best results. Training, technical assistance, and cooperation with various institutions in the sector are just a few of the activities that complement the quality of our exclusive fuels.
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Our lubricants at the Dakar Rally, extraordinary resistance

The vehicles racing in Dakar face a range of elements that could potentially damage their machinery. Luckily, they can count on our lubricants to help them out with cutting-edge technology.

Different perspectives

Impresión 3D

Did you know that a printer can be used to produce human organs?

Additive manufacturing: a revolution in 3D metal printing

Mentoring homeless children in Houston

He was told he should mentor a 19-year-old kid who had been kicked out of his house when he was 14 and was living on the street.
¿Tienes frío o calor? Pregúntaselo a tu cerebro

Are you hot or cold? Ask your brain

Have you ever wondered why everybody feels temperature in a different way?

La movilidad compartida, necesidad de las ciudades del futuro

Shared mobility in the cities of the future

In future, cities will be designed to make it easier to use resources sustainably.

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