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The integration of our businesses enables us to offer you the best energy solutions

Una compañía equilibrada

A balanced company





Energías emergentes

Emerging energies

  • Technological innovation

    One of our hallmarks
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Leading the way to find groundbreaking transportation solutions

For years we have been researching and improving the energy used for transportation and developing alternative energies.
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What are we doing for the future?

At Repsol, we research, test, and create solutions to improve the everyday lives of the people living on the planet now and in the future.
  • Our products and services, with you in your everyday life

Repsol Elite Lubricants

Repsol Elite Lubricants

Formulated with the most cutting-edge technology for the most demanding engines, our Elite lubricants offer the best in protection and efficiency and are endorsed by top manufacturers.
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Chemicals and you

Chemicals are present in so many everyday objects that make your life better. They contribute to your safety, comfort, and wellbeing, and they also help you to be more energy-efficient by consuming less resources. Join us and discover how Chemicals influence your life and make it easier.

Different perspectives

Superhéroes (los profesionales que buscamos)

"My dad works at Repsol"

Our daily work seen through the eyes of the youngest in the family.
Un equipo, una idea, un reto

Working 1,000 miles away from your boss

One team spread thousands of miles across various nations. Learn more.
Powered by the diversity of our employees

Powered by the diversity of our employees

Discover Gerard and Antonio's stories, examples of integration into an increasingly demanding work environment.
Proyecto YME

YME Project

See how we accomplished lifting a platform the size of the Big Ben.

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